Monday, April 25, 2011

A short week end

It is plant season so no farmer can get away long at this time of the year. We did have a short brake- from Saturday afternoon till this morning. We spend the one and a half day at our house at Melkbos. All the children came so it was wonderful. Yesterday André made "potjiekos". What a feast!

I got to sleep under my Amish Trip Around The World quilt with it's nice cotton batting. My quilts are like my children- I am always glad to see them.

This Amish quilt that I made in 1996 has a very thick wool batting and it was difficult to quilt. It is a dream to sleep under though.

I made this Protea quilt for a "fynbos" competition our guild had in 1999. This now hang in our Melkbos house.

The small Trip Around the world was hand pieced and quilted. I also use my quick hand piecing method to complete the piecing here.

I made this Duck on the pond quilt many years ago to demonstrate my triangle method. I also show my guild members how to strip piece a two patch. I used a wool batting with wool from our own sheep that I washed and comb. It was not a very successful exercise. The wool was lumpy and difficult to quilt through. The polyester fabrics I used in this quilt was also not very cooperative in the quilting process.

A simple quilt like this double four patch can still be so beautiful in its simplicity. Here I used an old wool blanket and once again, it is nice and warm to sleep under.
Every quilt tells a story and I am not good in documenting my quilt making very well. Hopefully this blog will help to tell the story of my quilts.


  1. Beautiful quilts. I adore them! One day I hope to display as many as you :)

  2. Love the quilts, especially the Trip Around the World!


  3. Ek is gek oor jou kwilte! Die Protea kwilt is iets spesiaals (dis so SA!) Ek hou baie van die kleurskemas wat jy in elke kwilt gebruik het.

  4. Absolutely stunning quilts! The Amish Trip Around the World is especially beautiful.


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