Monday, December 27, 2010

Embroidery Designs

In my Artista program I have the Portfolio program whereby I can view my designs. To arrange the designs in a logical way is quite a task. Single designs is not such a big problem- one can have a flower category and subdivide it in Roses, Pansies etc. The problem is how to store a design set in a logical way. Bonus designs where a set contains a wide variety of different designs is the biggest problem. One can keep them in their set but then one do not realize what you have available.

I search through my designs on a regular basis to refresh my memory of what I have. I play with my design and use my wreath tool to combine 4 or six designs- the result is magical. Oh but to have time to sew them all!

I am busy making a quilt where I use a variety of circular blocks in different sizes- Molly Mine and Addicted to stitches are a few of the designers whose designs were used in this quilt. I am still stitching out some small squares for the sentre of the star blocks. Here is part of the quilt.

In this quilt I use a variety of colors but tried to use the same threads and colors in all the blocks to make sure that the blocks will be compatible. I also repeat the light blu- dark blue and light pink-dark pink-maroon combinations in this variety of design to create unity.


  1. That looks very good.
    What machine are you using?

  2. I use the Bernina 830- some of the designs is 20 cm square so the large hoop was a real asset


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