Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Arrival

I have received not one, but three parcels today. Two from (I will show you the wonderful books later) and one from Alewives. This is a new “shopping” place for me and my experience was wonderful. I received my Soul Blossoms fat quarter set neatly wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon. It felt like Christmas.

Now I must confess- If I have walked into a quilt shop in South Africa, I would not buy one of these fabrics. And neither would I buy any of the fabrics in the Bliss or Modern Workshop Jelly rolls that I also ordered. Yes I did order all these fabrics, but this is so unconventional for me, that I would not have been able to select these combinations.

I am still in my quest for the Modern look.  I have realized with the Modern look, come certain designs. Correct me if I am wrong, but my observation is that the modern quilters make quilts with an all over pattern where the repeat is often more in rows rather than in blocks?
Kaffe Fasset fabric and White

If a block is the basic unit, the block is repeated and the block loose it’s individuality to become part of a whole. I do make some quilts like that, but most often I like to make quilts with striking, dramatic blocks. Now this is where I want the transplant to be crafted. I am going to use the mad, mad fabric of our young and talented (and much admired by me) designers and try to make dramatic blocks in a medaljon style.

I have already tried it with fabric from my stash that had the lighter modern colours- but were far off in the fabric design type, from the modern mix.

Alas, this month this experiment cannot be allowed before I haven’t completed the two quilts that I have entered into our National Quilt Festival from 1-7 July in Stellenbosch. (South Africa)

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  1. I think your attempts at a "modern" look are wonderful!



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