Saturday, April 30, 2011

Changing of the Seasons

While in the Northern Hemisphere the Spring is welcomed - I am so glad that we on the Southern point of Africa is enjoying cooler Autumn days. Our first real rain has fall and the long, very long, hot (and it was a very hot) summer has (hopefully) finally come to an end. Thanks for air conditioning! Without it no quilts would have been made. When it is so very hot, I am just without energy. To read can even feel like exercise!

I have taken this photo from my front porch. I will post a photo every week (if I remember) to show how our world will change in the next few months. The natural veld is thankful for the little bit of rain and has a soft shade of green. The wheat fields is barren but this will change rapidly in the next two months if we get our regular rains. (If we farmers do not trust and live from God's hand- I am sure the despair when it do not rain would be to much to handle)

To get to my front porch I have to walk around the house. (The house still have not been painted!) My basting frame and my daughters art stuff is stored in the passage leading to the front door. On  Boland farms we seldom enter a house through the front door. My front gate is even locked. All the cars drove to the back and enter the house either through the kitchen or through the back porch.

So this very beautiful sight I only enjoy from my bedroom window. I know- it is shocking! There was a time that I thought I should sit on the front porch and I took two chairs out. This is when I found that apart from sitting in front of my sewing machine and in front of the computer I seldom sit.

If I read- I do nothing else. I cannot read a novel just at a certain time a day. Once I started a book, I cannot put it down. So I keep my reading for holidays or when I do not have projects to finish (and that is basically never.) My Quilt books I read  whenever I have a little bit of time. O today I may relax and catch a bit up on my reading. That is if I do not spend to much time reading blogs!

I hope this day will bring you some joy as well!


  1. Where I am in the Northern Hemisphere it is snowing. I don't think Spring will every get here to the mountains of New Mexico, USA.
    I am looking forward to your upcoming pictures.

  2. Hi Marie, thanks for visiting my blog a week or ago (I'm a little behind in my reply). I only used the paper piecing on the triangle arcs, as you thought, but the accuracy of the arcs did make putting the blocks together quite simple. I had wanted to make a pickle dish quilt for some years but had always thought they looked rather fiddly, this method has been a revelation. I'd certainly use paper piecing again. I had a look through your blog and really enjoyed your posts. I love that blogging brings people from all over the world together, nice to "meet" you.


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