Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fascinating Blogworld

Reading blogs is a big adventure for me. I start out when I have time at "What are quilters Blogging about Today" Here all the new blogs of the day can be looked at and the interesting ones can be clicked on to read further. I spent an hour every morning at the dairy doing this. Often I do not get past the third page because I get on a side track.

One thing leads to another and before long I find interesting links or interesting blogs on the blogroll of other bloggers. I am a compulsive reader so the wonderful original content that so many quilt bloggers give us, with photographs to show their work, is very inspiring.

I have the good intention to blog more regularly. Other quilters blogs are so fascinating though, that instead of blogging I am reading blogs! Viva blogland!

One of my really favourite blogs is La Vie en Rosie of Carrie Nelson. Carrie is a wonderful person. This I can see just by reading her blog. She has also make a beautiful quilt: Eventide. The instructions for this quilt is available in a pattern from Carrie.

When I am inspired by a quilt, I always try to put a twist on a it and not produce it exactly like it was done before. One of the wonderful qualities of Eventide is that it is a beautiful "blended" quilt with a "now you see it- now you don't" look. It is also a Ohio Star within an Ohio Star.

So with this as inspiration I have designed a possible quilt in EQ7. My variation will give me an opportunity to use some machine embroidery on the big triangles. The "embroidery" I show on my EQ quilt is just a suggestion of where I will put the embroidery and not what I will put there.
I call this "Evenso" and hope that it will become a real quilt in the near future.

I have started with 4 blocks and selected possible fabric. I do need to do the quilting on my competition quilt first and cannot afford these distractions!

                                                      Ooops...a little mistake- that happens so easily!

Here is the fabric from my stash auditioned for this project. I do not really have enough of this blendable fabrics- but I am not to subtle in my approach to quilting. Although I admire the blended look- I will have to buy to many fabrics (what a wonderful excuse- I think I should do it!) to get the variety. This I will definitely not get in South Africa and the postage and import duties are so high- so I must really think this through. (Do you still remember my Modern fabrics that is actually due for a project? See how easily do I get side tracted!)


  1. Thanks for the quilter's blog link - I can see I will also be looking there regularlly.

  2. That's gonna be a beautiful quilt!



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