Friday, April 15, 2011

Basting -A new method for me

I use a basting Gun and "tag-baste" my quilt in a "basting frame". When not in use, my basting frame is 4 wooden slats with a piece of fabric stapled to it. I store it in a corner. It is quite a process to set it up- though it only take 15 minutes, some things become "big" and time consuming in your mind. I do have to admit that this is not fool proof- I do sometimes get a pucker on the back.

I decided to try using my Bernina Quilt Frame as a basting frame. First I had to finish my 20 year old hand pieced quilt- the second quilt I quilted on the frame. (This was thread basted before loading on the machine) It was only the one black border that still need to be quilted. I finished that and took it out of the frame. (I still have to turn it to quilt the 2 side borders.)

What I did then, was to fasten the backing to the leaders and roll it. I then placed the wool batting on it and let the top float on top of that. Then I tried to baste the three layers together with the Bernina. The BSR do not allow stitches to be longer than 4. I have watched Sharon Schamber basting her quilt very well- piece by piece before she start quilting it on the frame. My frame quilting is still in the practice stage and this quilt is for a competition- so I want to quilt it without the frame.

I made a few stitches, stopped, lift the needle and the foot and move about 3 inches on and repeat the process. When I rolled the quilt it did make a bubble in front of the roller, but I believe it is normal- the basting is 3 inches apart. I started with some ditch quilting and it look as if this basting method worked well- but I will only be able to confirm this once the quilt is free motioned quilted. It took longer to baste on the frame but I did not have to set up the basting frame and put it all away afterwards. (I know I know it is more a mindset!)

I plan my quilting as I go along. I will show bits of the quilting as I proceed, but will only show the quilt after our National Quilt Festival 1-7 July in Stellenbosch.

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