Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Friday

Herewith a basket of flowers to all my blog readers. Thank you for your interest. May you have a meaningful Easter Week end.

(Unfortunately it uploaded sideways)
This quilt was entered in a challenge hosted by the South African Quilters Guild. Sadly it was rejected.(Perhaps also crucified) This was hard for me to accept (I have a badge to prove I am a Master Quilter- so it could not be the workmanship) and I request a reason from the juror. Apparently they selected quilts that would be suitable to be displayed in places where Art would be displayed and this quilt would not fit the criteria.

The appliqued flowers were cut from flower print fabrics and embellished with embroidery handstitches. I thought the drunkard's Path blocks have a ribbon quality. They and the rounded baskets fit the challenge of curves that was the main theme for all the quilts.


  1. I think the quilt is beautiful. If I were you I would not take their rejection personally. The problem was probably that they had to many quilts submitted and could not show all of them. Just a thought.

  2. All judges should be taken with a grain of salt! Love your quilt!


  3. Pragtige kwilt! Ek stem saam dat die beoordeelaars te veel kwilte gehad het om uit te stal, en dat hulle moes plek maak.
    Nie-te-min, hierdie is 'n fantastiese handewerk en jy kan steeds trots wees daarop - en by jouself uitstal, of dit inskryf vir ander kompetisies en uitstallings.

  4. Judges use their personal tastes when it comes to judging and I dont like to enter competitions because my quilts are all very personal. Every moment used to make a quilt is part of a journey and I feel that lot of the judges have no idea what the journey is that you are putting into fabric.


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