Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Can Applique......Can I?

Must still become a quilt

I can appliqué circles, there is nothing wrong with my appliqué stitch! I have taken classes in appliqué since 1984 does this mean I can APPLIQUé? I have completed this quilt. I basted the pieces over paper and appliqué it down.
Winding Ways
Long ago Nancy Halpern said: At a stage one must stop taking classes and start making the quilts. Now I am there with my appliqué. I have stumbled upon Erin Russek's website. She has a new quilt this year and invites us to join along in a Block of the Month fashion to work on her Tweet quilt. The only thing you have to do is order the center block. Mine arrived on Thursday. The blocks are usually available by the 15 th of every month.
Sorry side ways- don't know why it load like this!
After seeing other quilters' blocks in the Yahoo group, I was motivated to start my quilt. I decided on a shimmering gold, purplish pink and copper blue combination. These books have inspired this colour combination.

Remember I am suppose to quilt! Well if I have done 4 hours of quilting do I need permission for a bit of appliqué?

One of the reasons that I haven't made a real appliqué quilt yet- is that it has to many pieces and it "floats" around. (What a lame excuse I know)

 Well Erin has a "glue" baste method whereby she first prepare all the pieces and then glue baste the whole block. Only then does she start with the appliqué. I quite liked that idea but as usual could not wait and started to appliqué the big pot. I did discover that the bottom and top part of the pot does not contrast enough- so I will replace these two silk pieces. (Should I use silk in appliqué- I don't no if I will find a place in the other blocks to repeat it)

Once I have decided which of these hundred pieces that I pulled out of my stash will go into this quilt- I will put those that I plan to use in a basket. I will dedicate a space in my studio where I can do some prep work. Hopefully it will then not feel so disorganized and if it is in the way of my other projects.

Now that I have disclosed my involvement in this project I hope I will stick to it and complete the quilt!- I am 4 blocks behind.


  1. I have heard that silk is a wonderful applique fabric! I think you quilt will be beautiful!


  2. You are really going to enjoy the journey and I just love hand needleturn applique but dont like to join in groups to get the quilt done. I prefer to work at my own pace. I will be following you to see how this project is moving.
    Happy stitching.

  3. Ek self het besluit om die patrone van "My Tweets" bymekaar te maak, met dit hoop dat ek hulle in die nabye toekoms sal maak. Ek moet erken dat ek is baie stadig met appliek, maar geniet dit om dit te doen.
    Lieflike materiale en kleure wat jy gekies het vir hierdie projek!

  4. Ps. Jou appliek werk in die ander twee kwilte wat jy wys is fantasties. Ek hou daarvan.!


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