Sunday, February 20, 2011

Give- away

In "blogworld" it seems to me as a newbie one do not "stir" or speak your mind to clearly. If you want to voice an opinion do not be controversial. Well, seeing that I do have such a small audience I feel safe to voice my feelings here. Maybe it will only be for my own eyes and then I feel better that I have said it.

The give away's seems to attract many readers to a blog. One blogger wrote a piece about people not having manners and do not visit her blog unless she has a give away. I understand that manufacturers give products to popular bloggers to give away- this is free advertisement of their products to a new audience. It do attract many hopeful and excited responses- so the blogger and the manufacturers benefit. But what does it do to quilters and blog readers as a community?

Is it not eroding the moral of the eager participants. Are this phenomenon not culturing a "beggar" attitude. I was raised with the idea to earn my bread by working hard and do my bit every day. To get something for nothing and to trust "luck" to reward one, is something that Lotto games and other state lottery ticket schemes have fostered in the minds of many people.

I know we are all eager to enlarge our stash and it is nice to get some fabric or wonderful tools for free. I am just asking: Does it affect our moral and our attitude to life?


  1. Sjoe! Vandag praat ons diep dinge. Ek stem saam dat mense baie meer op "geluk" en "gratis" staatmaak in vandag se tyd. Soos jy noem, hoe meer jy weg gee, hoe groter die toeskouers (al is dit net vir daardie inskrywing). Dit bring vir my 'n houding van ek so sterk kan praat.
    Ek self het 'n give away beharting, met die hoop dat ek 'n blog-website sal adverteer. Aangesien ek 'n klein "followers" getal het, was die inskrywings ook min. Die idee wat ek gekry het, is nie die weg gee self nie, dis wat weg gegee word. Op die ou end voel dit vir my soos 'n kompetisie om te sien watter blog is meer populer. Laat my dink aan hoerskool...
    Tog, jy kry die mense wat getrou bly aan die blog wat hulle lees, en deelneem aan die kompetisies, omdat hulle kan. Ons moet hierdie mense se lojaliteit nie vanselfsprekend neem nie, en ons moet onthou om aan hulle dank te betoon. Ek meen, hulle neem die tyd om jou te ondersteun... Weg gee moet ook "fun" wees, en nie net om meer followers te kry nie.
    Ek self geniet dit om in kompetisies deel te neem. Indien ek nie die item wen nie, en ek wil dit steeds graag he, sal ek dit vir my aankoop. Soos jy, glo ek ook dat jy moet werk vir die goed wat jy in die lewe wil verdien.
    Wel, seker nie heeltemal die oogpunt wat jy sou verwag nie, maar dis my ondervinding rakende op mense se geluk speel, en die verslawing wat dit veroorsaak.

  2. Hi Elzaan

    Dankie- dit gee my weer die ander kant van die munt. Mens raak so verstrengel in dit wat jyself glo dat jy vergeet daar is ook ander sieninge! Ek wil probeer om "tutorials" te skryf as 'n terug gee aan mense wat my blog lees- want ja al is dit nie 'n kompetisie om te sien hoeveel mense jou blog lees nie- wil mens ook nie heeltemal net met jouself gesels nie- so ek verstaan goed dat mens meer lesers wil trek.

  3. Hmmm, I don't know. We have giveaways but 'real' traffic too, and we haven't worried too much about the compromise. The theory is: if you have interesting content, people will visit your blog. Also it is ok to be controversial :)

  4. I don't even sign up for the giveaways! I have enough stuff to deal with and just do not want to add to it. Now a swap? Yeah, I am into swapping. I don't believe in something for nothing!


  5. I think giveaways are ok for blogs that are trying to increase traffic because they want their blog become a source of income. But for me... I just blog because I am making a journal of what's happening in my life. Have fun blogging! It is fine to express your feelings. Your quilts are lovely!

  6. its great to have something controversial for a change and this is what I like about sharing blogs. Each of us has an opinion and look differently at the world around us. That is what makes life interesting. I love blogging its great fun and dont bother with give aways, which I wont have but give others the space to do as they please. I love reading the blogs because I have learned so much from them. Thank goodness for blogs to keep me on my toes when it comes to my stitching journey. Also there are some great designers that share their designs with us, which I make use of because I am not good with designing yet. Take care and hugs.

  7. Great post topic. I think every blogger has the right to find their own voice for their blog. Depending on that voice, I think each blogger will have those that follow, as they find a kinship with the voice of the blog.

    Some find their voice is best shared representing their projects, some share insights on their designs, sme right great tutorials, some hold swaps or quilt-alongs, and some have giveaways. No right or wrong.

    Keep in mind the majority of giveaways are items shared from stash or projects made to be given away. Some are items purchased specifically for giveaways. Some are re-gifts. And sme are sponsored. Again, no right or wrong.

    My recommendation is stay true to what you want your blog voice to be. It isn't a job, but should bring you pleasure.



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