Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Holiday!

My sister and I went to Buffelsbaai, with our parents. My father built the original house 45 years ago. It was then called "Krom 'n Skeef" (Crooked and Skew) after a children story "Huppelkind". My father was a medical doctor but quite handy. Everything was not always so precise in his building attempts- therefore the name of the house. Here we spent wonderful summer holidays at the sea.

For me this is a place near to my heart. The last 20 years I often sit with hand piecing in front of the windows. So many of my quilts remind me of times spent here. The house was redesign and rebuilt 25 years ago. It's name is now "Op en Af"  (Up and down)- it has 3 storys. My parents have retired here and lived here for 20 years permanently.

They now need to be nearer to doctors and stay in Serenitas, in a small apartment. My mother still have a beautiful garden but no longer have to cook, as they get their meals everyday. This was a short retreat for them and a wonderful vacation for my hardworking sister (she is a physiotherapist) and me. We went for walks along the beach everyday and sometimes later in the day as well.

My mother display some of my earlier quilts in the house. With this quilt I won a third prize years ago in a magazine competition. Although no sunlight fall on this quilt, it has bleached a lot over the years. A Cranston print is the only one with the original colours.

This quilt was made for our church to be displayed at Easter- but when they did not want it, my mother took and displayed it.

This tapestry was made by me when still in High school. I actually made two of the same pattern.

During our holiday I made this little Card Trick quilt. I bought some fabric on the way at Swellendam where we stopped to look at the quilt exhibition at the old Drostdy Museum. I did not intend to use this fabric in a project- but after three days I was ready for a project and I had some fabric! So without tools- no rotary cutter, mat or ruler just my mother's rusted scissors, and with paper glued to cardboard for templates, I made this quilt. The strips in between was cut in an awkward manner(Will not try to explain)  therefore they are a bit crooked!

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely trip! Love all your quilts!



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