Saturday, May 7, 2011

Inspiring class

I am back from an inspiring class. Today we learnt about a powerful tool in our Bernina embroidery program- Corel Draw. I could never figure out how any one could draw a patchwork block in Corel. After this lesson I know. I also know how to use a little bit of this amazing software's capabilities.

After a demoralising week with a lot of trouble at the dairy- this class was a life saver. I have realise this week how quickly one can be unsettled if you are under stress. My sewing and finally this class brought the balance back into my life. I am not quite sure that I am willing to handle the stress of the dairy but I can at least be a presence there again- and that is also important.

1 comment:

  1. Corel Draw is net die beste program! Ek het dit vir byna al my skool en universiteits projekte gebruik, asook vir my persoonlike behoeftes - soos foto's, kalenders, kaartjies ens.
    As 'n mens onder druk is, dan "kliek" jou brein in 'n ander rat, en soms raak dinge deurmekaar...Sterkte!


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