Friday, January 11, 2019

Long time gone

Yes I know! It is also the name of the new quilt I start working on. This is a design from Jen Kingwell. I fell in love with irregular sampler quilts. Once one start to focus on things, Pinterest pick it up and give you more and more of those.

What attracted me to Jen Kingwells quilts was the jolly colours she use (in Afrikaans it is "Vrolik"). I have a collection of Tana Lawn fabrics (Liberty of London fabrics- with flaws) that I bought at a fabric shop in Somerset West. Intended for use in clothes- with the flaws it is more suitable for patchwork- one can cut around the problem areas- or even include it. This fabric is lightweight cottons with a silky feel. Many of them is busy prints and not fabric I would usually purchase or use.

The last couple of years I start to move away from the dramatic pallet that I used, influenced by Jinny Beyer, to a more "lighthearted" fabric choice. I saw how vibrant big dots can  make a whole quilt sparkle. I have realized that careful combination of busy prints with more peaceful prints is the perfect combination to brighten your quilt without creating such a busy top that your eye have no place to rest.

Long Time Gone consist of blocks that are repeated to form "mini quilts" These are grouped with other blocks or mini quilts into 6 bigger units(with a variety of block patterns) and they are spaced with sashings. Jen built this up like a puzzle- as her website say- this is a signature of her designs.

When this one is completed I have her Circle Game to play with as well. My Small Town and Gypsey Wife might also be on my list if it does not get overshadowed by other things that Pinterest dish up for me.

I think I went a bit overboard with some of the blocks not getting good contrast. In working with this fabric I developed a feel for it. I will definitely make a few more quilts with these but I will be more careful as to which fabrics I use next to each other. I do love the whimsical look of my blocks for this quilt and I think this is how Jen also approach the combination of fabrics. So I will have the best of both worlds- using this happy fabrics but a bit more reserved and closer to a style I feel more comfortable.

This was a most enjoyable quilt to make and I will post more as I combine the blocks in units.

Enjoy 2019 and may it be full of quilts

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