Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Attending a Quilt Festival like the wonderful National Quilting Festival in Bloemfontein is so inspirational.
Iessie (Festival Chairlady) Rita and me

Since I came home I tried to spent as long a time possible in my studio every day. When I look at other peoples' blogs I realize I am a slow quilter. I have many projects in the making at a time but I slowly finish anything. I do not have a completed quilt to show for this year!

On Saturday the Boland Quilters are the group of the month at Good Hope Quilters Guild quarterly meeting

I plan to have this scrap quilt I started about 10 years ago, ready for Show and Tell. At Bloemfontein I taught a class, Fearless Feathers. My students inspire me so, I definitely had to quilt lots of feathers. This will be a "blanket" and has a wool batting. So apart from the feathers that will pull the design areas together, I will not do back ground quilting because I want the quilt soft and warm. Compression with too many quilting lines will prevent the wool of doing its job to create warmth by trapping air.
The Scrap blocks for this quilt was started in a class with Karen Combs at Quilt University. I made a lot of blocks and still have enough to make another quilt.

Now back to quilting to make sure I have something to show Saturday. (This is the nice thing- if you want to Show and Tell you have a great motivation to complete something. Luckily I can show my DIC (Delayed In Construction) projects here on my blog and there is so many!)

Hope to see some of you on Saturday.


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