There is many ways to do things. Therefore we can have tutorials on the same subjects with different methods. Are there a right way and a wrong way? I believe one should adopt the method that suite your style. We are different and our styles are different. Therefore we do things differently. I will explain and show on this page how I do things- piece, quilt and machine embroider. You are welcome to comment and refer readers to other sites where the same results are achieved in different ways. Sometimes it is good to have different methods as "tools" . Not every tool is right for a specific job. Read, apply and test these methods if you like it.  Let me know if you believe you found something better. I like to experiment and are open to change! (It will take some convincing though. The one thing my quilting life has taught me, is that one should be open to learn new things and ways every day.)

(Watch this space- still try to figure it out!)
Strip before you Block

I prefer strip piecing- it is quicker, neat and less time consuming- if you do not make a mistake. For strip piecing this quilt, click here.
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