Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Was 2020 so terrible?

I see on Facebook and other places that people were relieved to see 2020 come to an end. Some described it as the most terrible year ever. For quilters, I am sure the year was a gift in many ways. Although we love socializing with our quilting friends it does take us away from our projects. Being forced to stay home one had the possibility get more done than other years.

Due to the accident I had at the beginning of the year, I could not use this "gift" fully. A lot of my time was spent going for physiotherapy, Aqua Physio, and acupuncture with my Doctor in Chinese medicine. In the end, the time paid off with a pain-free month in December. I can also sleep- and sleep quite well without the aid of a sleeping pill, hitting three and more hours of deep sleep per night. I started swimming when the Gym open and although this is still painfully and without full mobility, I am swimming up to 1,2 km per session.

 Before the accident, I attend the first class of the Cosmati quilt from the Bella Bella Quilts book by Norah McMeeking. Alta from The Fabric Contessa was hosting the class. I completed the compass ring and the outer border before the accident.

During my recovery, I sewed the ring of Flying Geese together. I used the paper piecing method I learned from Judy Mathieson where you sew next to the freezer paper. I made the individual units on freezer paper and then pieced it together fitting and pressing it to a quarter ring of Freezer paper with the paper marked with the Flying geese units. I knew I had to work very precisely otherwise the sharp points will not be sharp once fitted into the next ring. I thought if I keep it in quarters and only sew it into a complete ring once the pieces on either side were sewn, that I will have less difficulty for this to lay flat.
The centre still need to be hand appliqued

Alas, this is the problem with circular designs. To get it flat and fitted is very, very difficult. Well, in the end, I got it fitted, and the little bulge that formed will be quilted out-or that is my belief! My colour choice was a big disappointment- the Flying Geese ring is too light and almost disappears. I was once again reminded how important it is to do sample pieces and view it on your design wall from a distance. A lesson I seem I never learn? Now I just need to complete the applique piece in the middle and add the outer border.

I believe I will get things done in 2021. I choose Love over Fear- Fear for projects that I haven't worked on and now need to figure out what is the next step, fear to start quilting because I do not know how I will quilt it, etc. I will stop procrastinating and tackle my projects.

A productive 2021 for you too.
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