Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Habits

I am an avid reader of Self-help books. I must say it did not really help or improve myself a lot. Even though I read the 7 Habits almost 20 years ago when it first came out and found it most inspiring, it did not bear fruits. Perhaps one become more yourself?

The biggest struggle in my life is to become more organized and create less cluttered  and stress free surroundings. Here I fail completely- I think mainly because I just have to much stuff and hoarding more and more. The UFO's I create, do nothing to reduce this and contribute to stress.

Lately I have been influenced by Leo Babauta and his blog Zen habits. He has changed his lifestyle with small daily habits. I needed to loose weight but know from past experience that it is almost impossible. I also have sleeping problems and are lacking energy. So I started quitting coffee and alcohol as well as refined sugar. Then I started walking daily- my husband join me in this and it has become a good daily habit. I eat healthy foods in very small portions. I have lost 6 kg over the last 2 months and has still a lot more to loose. I take it one day at a time, making sure I drink water whenever I think I am hungry.

When you use your fabric.
Since the beginning of the year I tried to get my studio cleaned up. This lead to very little quilting- not because this job kept me so busy but because I was resisting going into my studio. Over the last year a bad habit of spending to much time at the computer was created and I need to change this. I read a lot of blogs in my most productive times. I also just whiled away the time.

I have stacked my fabric in a different way- hoping to be able to get to more of my fabric (I just have to much of it- never thought I would admit or say it!)
Shelves to the left still need to be straightened.

This weekend I tackled my shelves. Although it might not look like a big improvement- I have removed things that was taking up space and do not belong or are used in this room. I have filled two big garbage bags. I have created space on my shelves for WIP so that my tabletops are nearly clean. I just need to move my ironing board and industrial machine and will then have a "new" room layout.

I spent the last 3 months dividing my time between the farm and Melkbosstrand where we have another building project. I am also busy with 3 internet courses and an applique project with Hanlie from our Paarl/Durbanville Bernina. I am teaching at Swartland guild and preparing for a workshop next month. This will also be the topic of a retreat that will run at Porterville hotel in June.

The current self help book that I read is: The Compound Effect. Here the practice of daily habits to get to your goal are also emphasized. Darren Hardy described how he decided to make a note everyday of things he appreciate in his wife. He presented her with this journal the next year at Thanksgiving. She was in tears- but the effect on him was that he fall in love with his wife all over again. This is quite inspiring. I have already started to note my husbands very good qualities. I will now make it a practice to communicate my appreciation of him everyday. (He does a lot of annoying things as well- but I will concentrate on the good things!)
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