Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Redwork to digitize

It is thrilling to digitize a project and stitch it out. Redwork is very easy to digitize and a very good place for any one who want to learn digitizing, to start. I did a class with Hanlie Snyman of Bernina, Paarl and San Tyger. We recieved the 7 pictures and with Hanlie's clear instruction select our stitch (Backstitch), the colour (red) and our tool- mainly the Open Object tool. When all the lines were drawn the magic was created by the Blackwork Run tool.

I made some cloth  paper towels (saw it on a blog) with a nappy and some flannel squares I had. This was a good way to sew the designs out to see if adjustments was needed in the stitch length and number of strokes. Now I am ready to sew it on some dish cloths- to have some gifts ready for friends.

Vivian at the Rose Cottage has an Enhanced Line Drawing lesson as this June's challenge. You can purchase the lesson from her website without having to take part in the challenge.

Redwork and the ability to digitize it also helps you to digitize continuous quilting designs. When you use the double run tool the program work out the optimal route to complete the pattern without starts and stops. Very good classes, specifically for digitizing quilting designs is available at Quilt University from Joanne Winn. They will be available in September and October.

If you own an embroidery module and haven't used it yet- it might be the time to get going!
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