Monday, May 1, 2017

My Wedding Sampler

When I started to look at a lot of Sampler Quilts in Pinterest, I knew I had to do something fast, before I start another quilt again- I need to complete 60 quilts by June next year and has to focus on my half completed or just started projects, not start another time consuming project.

A Sampler quilt is a project with lots of tasks. Every block has a lot of decisions to take, templates to make, a cutting plan to devise and planning the sewing of each block. That is why I love it so- it stay a challenge throughout the process!

I have fallen in love once again! But I shouldn't!
Timeless Tradition--good layout:
Timeless Tradition - A Pattern featured in Bitsnpieces, website 

So I quickly dig out my Wedding Sampler. I started it in October last year and was quite well on track. This is a project where I work on my embroidery machine (digitizing some of the stitching and modifying some), I sew by machine and I do some handstitching. This complicate matters and once I put it away temporarily it leads to procrastination. Again I started to fear my own project.

But I have learned to be brave. (My 60 project is a real character builder). So  I unpacked my project. I am still in the process to determine what needs to be done, but I have already made some templates and mark and cut some fabric for handpiecing.

I have 8 blocks in different stages of completion, 2 completed and did the last bit of stitching on a third block last night to complete that as well.

A problem I discovered was that my small templates was not well marked. I use a plastic (that are sold by Pep Stores for place mats) and one cannot write on it. So I got some small circle stickers and cut it to make it small enough so that I could write the measurements on it. This will make it easy to reuse the templates if it is the correct size needed in another block.

When I want to start a project again (after a long absence) a reason to procrastinate is that I know I will have to figure a lot of things out again. Well this time it wasn't a problem. When I started the project I took a 20 page flip file and have a lot of the info in it. I am so proud of myself when I do not repeat the same mistakes over and over again but indeed learn from past mistakes. (I give myself a pat on the shoulder!)

Some more blocks got completed since I started writing this post.

I also completed a block with machine embroidery
My project is well under way now,  I just must not stop. There is so many reasons to stop because I am working on other hand projects as well. So I hope scheduling and not putting the project away will help to keep it moving to completion.

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