Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If I get it right

I don't always get it right to upload "script" But I am willing to try.
There is a blogging Quilt Festival till the 20 th of May at Amy's Creative side.
So lets all take part.

My entry to this Festival is my quilt From here to there.

I made this as a challenge to myself. At our South African Festivals the Art quilts get the most attraction and I has to admit it is usually far more exciting than the traditional and Innovative quilts. I challenge some traditional quilters to make a quilt for our Festival that will be truly exciting to see.

This quilt consist of 25 blocks arranged in 5 rows of 5 blocks each. I choose the colour placement in the blocks in such away that the block loose it "stand alone identity" and become part of the whole.

I did not receive any prizes for my quilt neither did I get really positive feedback. But like a true mother- my children and my quilts are my pride and joy. And even if no one else would think they (My children or my quilts) are special- to me they are and I am so proud of them.

So I have submitted my quilt to the show and you can view all the other quilts entered on Amy's site or at the flickr group.

(Now to get all these links right!)


  1. Hi Marie, your quilt is amazing, a true masterpiece. I think that it is awful that you did not receive anything for this beauty, not even positive feedback. I think it is beautiful :)

  2. This is very nice quilt! Nice colours, nice paterns, nice work!

  3. Awesome quilt! You should have gotten an "Honorable Mention" at the very least!


  4. vraiment superbe ,le mélange subtil de l'association des couleurs ,félicitations

  5. This is a wonderful quilt, with that punchy diagonal that really pulls the eye into the center. I am sorry that you didn't win anything tangible, but I'm sure that you won the hearts of your family--and quilt a few of us quilters!

    Elizabeth E. #508

  6. Awesome---those judges must have all blind!! Great quilt--wonderful through and through!

  7. Wonderful colors,beautiful:)

  8. A beautiful and very creative quilt. I love it.

  9. Your quilt is gorgeous! So bright and colourful, must have caught everyone's eyes at the show, and I love the blocks you have chosen and how you set them. This is one of those quilts that "trick" the viewer's eye to think it's more complex than it is - love it!!!

    It's so great to see someone take honest pride in what they do - we tend to be way too critical of our own work, and point out what we see as flaws, even if no one else notice.

    Happy quilting!

  10. I think your quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love the design and the way your blocks fade into the whole. I had to look twice to see where the 5x5 were! Really wonderful. I would have given you the prize had I been the judge!


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