Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Farm- two weeks later

We had a little bit of rain in the week and yesterday we had a few good showers of rain. It is cold and windy outside- but we do not complain- we need winter now. Yesterday the little bit of green that I could show you two weeks ago, was destroyed with this freshly planted land in the distance.

The little green patch that go diagonally to the right is the "wenakker". That is the piece that get planted last- it "fall" out with turning and are then planted in one go, at the end. The rain stopped them before they could get to it and they will hopefully be able to finish up there on Monday- before the heavy rains that was predicted, show up.

I did not have a very productive week quilting wise except for working a bit on this quilt started 5 years ago at National Festival-Durban in a class of Priscilla Bianci . We worked with Guatemalan fabrics. This was quite a process- It is a thick and loosely woven fabric. I combined it with cottons to prevent to much thickness and pressed it very well with a lot of starch to prevent unraveling and get it as flat as possible.
Dowel sticks for even tension on the sides.

It is loaded on my Bernina frame. I knew I would never be able to buy a big Gammill longarm and so as second best I purchased the Bernina Frame and the 830 Bernina (If I want to use the embroidery facilities). I love this set-up more and more each day. If I see the trouble Sharon Schamber take to get her work area small and taut- I believe that this just might be more ideal than a long arm. Sharon advise that the sides should be under even tension and not distorted with the side clamps. See her advise with her free video's.

The only drawback with the Bernina is visibility but if I sit on my draughtsman chair- I am comfortable and can see quite well. I concentrate to work a bit slower and more precise.

Although I have draw freehand some feathers, I did not follow the drawing- I basically do it to get the feel and the direction right.

We are getting ready for National Quilt Festival that will be from 1-7 July in Stellenbosch. We specially look forward to welcome Ineke Berlyn and Pam Holland as our overseas teachers.

I will check your blogs to see what you have been up to this week!


  1. Love your quilting!

  2. Just found your blog after you commented at mine. So glad to know you. And "cutting for stone" is the book I've been recommending for the past year. I took loved it, and I don't have twins! The disappearing 4-patch has been on my radar, and here you are with a tutorial on it. Glad to know you and look forward to knowing you better!

  3. Your quilting is amazing. I love what you have done. I also found you after you left a comment on my blog. Did you know I can't contact you by email because you came up as a "no reply blogger".


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