Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In your Service

I do it sometimes. Only with non fiction though-If I read a novel I can do nothing else till I have read the last page- and then I can only start doing something else after I digest the book for a bit longer. But non- fiction I can read 2-3 books at the same time.

The latest novel I read was Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. I was a bit ill last week- so it was a good excuse to stay in bed and read this book. I just loved it. Perhaps I could identify with the twins living in Africa- but that aside I still think it was brilliantly written and I can heartily recommend it.

My non fiction come recommended from another blog I read. I received my Amazon.com parcel yesterday. Do the Work and the War of Art by Steven Presfield tackle procrastination and everything we do when fear keep us from our projects.

For a long time my excuse for not doing the work was that I am in nobody's service. I told myself that in the past when I worked to hard on my projects it became stressful for me. With introspection I realised the stress was cause by to high expectations on my part for the hours I put in. So it was not the work that cause the stress- the work actually relieved stress and give purpose to my life. So I will be in service of my Creative Self in future.

Seth Godin ask the question "When was the last time you did something for the first time" in his book, Poke the Box. This set me thinking: As a creative person I guess one's answer to this should be "Just now" or "Yesterday". If you cannot say thi,s maybe you are stuck in a rut. Well if it is comfortable and you are happy- I guess it is fine. But if you have a nagging, longing feeling- then you should perhaps try something new.

Well the applique I have tackled is a MAJOR MAJOR stretch for me. Patience with myself and motivation to keep going is the things I need to practice to carry on with this project. Hey, I have new appreciation for you applique folks- it ain't easy- that's for sure.

To make sure that I get my dose of doing something for the first time in today, I have tackled my "Crow at the Cavern" quilt again. We had the wonderful opportunity to took a class with Nancy Crow in 2009 in the Drakensberg. I am not sure that I understood Nancy correctly combining all kinds of wild, bold colours. I think I got a bit carried away. I then tried to keep the colour combinations in a block "pleasing" and carry some of the colour I used in one block, over to the next blocks.

Last year I completed the blocks started in the class and planned the layout. I then started to sew the middle blocks together- using a crooked black sashing. This did not look good so I packed it away. I have decided to cut it apart and just sew the blocks to each other. I decided to quilt it "Quilt as you go" style- starting with this four center blocks.

I have forgotten how unforgiving solid fabrics is to crooked quilting lines. I have quilted on my industrial machine without BSR and really missed that constant perfect stitch the BSR gives. So what was so new? I sewed this wild blocks together- that was certainly brave! I have quilted free motion on solids- have done it before- but it is so long ago it can count as new.

When last have you done something for the first time?


  1. I also have the book the War of Art....quite an eye opener isn't it??? I love what you are working on. Great post, I can really relate.

  2. Sjoe - wat 'n groot sprong vir jou, en jy het 'n fantastiese werk gedoen.
    Wat my "iets nuuts vir die eerste keer" betref, was dit die week wat verby is. Ons was op vakansie en het baie goed vir die eerste keer gedoen. Wat kwiltwerk betref, doen ek baie goed vir die eerste keer, siende dat ek skaars twee jaar gelede begin het, en nog baie goed moet leer. Maar dis soms baie angswekkend om iets nuuts te probeer. Tog is die resultate altyd bevredigend.

  3. Hi Marie, beautiful quilt you are working on. The block looks like the sun in the four seasons.....brightest in the summer and dullest in the winter. It looks like a lot of work but it will be amazing when it is finished :)


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