Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It was delivered

My competition quilt is completed and delivered. I feel sorry for our Quilt registra and her family. Her whole house is under quilts. Her husband and son is helping her to organize and categorized all the quilts. There is still many boxes that need to be opened and stacked in the correct pile.

Although I am involved in organizing the National Festival, my job is workshops- so I will mainly be very busy during our Festival. Quilters do not always realize how much time volunteers are devoting to the organization of quilt shows.  The cost to attend these shows would be much higher if quilters did not volunteered their precious quilting time  to do many of the jobs that one need to do to have a Quilt Festival.

I have seen that I must have many projects lined up when I am nearly finished with a quilt that I have devoted all my time to. Otherwise it is difficult to start something new and I can spent a few weeks to get going again.

Today was a very productive day for me. I have a Bernina Quilting frame. I have quilted the body of the six point star/babyblocks quilt and the top and bottom borders. Then I removed the quilt from the frame to baste my competition quilt in the frame. I have only quilted 2 quilts in this frame yet and is definitely not skilled enough to tackle a competition quilt in it. So I quilted it with the machine on the table.

I have hand pieced this quilt 20 years ago. When I realized that my hand pieced quilts will not be hand quilted, I gave myself permission to machine quilt it. This is the first of my old hand pieced tops that I have quilted. This quilt is one of the most expensive quilts I ever made. I purchased many charm square packets to get a big enough variety of fabrics for this quilt. From the scrap piece I got from every square, I made another quilt. (That quilt was cheap- the top fabric was already paid for by this quilt.) (When I made this quilt, charm squares was quite expensive, not like today where the pre-cut fabric cost almost the same as normal yardage.)

Today I put the sixpoint star back in the frame with the side borders at the top and bottom and completed the quilting on it. I have prepared the sleeve and the binding and will attach it tomorrow.

I also had time to make 2 Civil War blocks. I make them in the 8 inch and 4 inch size.

I also tried it in 6 cm (about 2 and 1/2 inch) but I think a miniature block need a more careful choice of fabric. So I have decided to concentrate only on the 4 inch and 8 inch size. I do make it in centimeters though- so for me it is 20 and 10 cm.


  1. Your competition quilt is beautiful! Must have taken an awful long time to hand piece.


  2. HI Liri

    No my competition quilt I will only be able to show after the National quilt festival. This is just a charm quilt that is now completed- 20 years later.The wonderful thing about a charm quilt is that it can "document" fabrics of an certain time.
    I have developed a quick hand piecing method- I think it took me a year to hand piece this quilt.

  3. Wow, your star/baby block quilt is fabulous. Awesome colour placement.

  4. Beautiful quilt! I have just read your post over at quilting gallery. The Russian tile quilt is amazing!Well done.


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