Sunday, June 19, 2011

Applique in the hoop

The National Festival is 2 weeks away. Today I finished the signage and laminate them all. I made yo-yo's with my yo-yo tool and turn them into small pincushions-Don't they look to sweet in the small flower pots. This is to place in the classroom if the teacher need some pins.

I have  made another 2 traycloths- also to be placed in the classrooms. This is our Festival logo interpreted by me and digitized to combine applique and embroidery. The first thing digitized is a placement line. This helped me to position the two background fabrics. The blue fabric is then sewed to the yellow. I remove the hoop and trim the blue fabric.

The "mountain pieces" are "sewed" together (remember the machine is carrying out the digitized instructions) one by one. First the seam is sewn and the machine stops. I open the piece and the machine then stitch an outline. This is a placement line for the next piece as well as the trim line for the top and bottom of the mountain. The two pieces on either side of the mountain is small and I have digitized embroidery stitches instead of using fabric. Underneath the mountain the edge of the fabric is covered with green embroidery. At the top of the mountain a stem stitch cover the raw edges.

The blue fabric's raw edge is also covered by a stemstitch. The words are embroidered. When all the stitching is completed a straight stitch is digitized on the edge. Before this is stitched, the hoop is removed. I put some glue on the back and place a piece of fabric to cover all the stitches, on the back. The straight stitch are sewn and the back fabric trimmed. I have folded the raw edges of the fabric on the front in and try to position it so that the satin stitch would cover it- you can see I was not so successful at the bottom.

Hope this make sense to those of you who have never seen the operations of an embroidery machine. The possibilities that quilters have with the embroidery unit still need to be explored- this is fascinating for me- this whole world that we still need to discover!

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