Monday, February 14, 2011

A Treasure

The MSC Sinfonia took us to the bay of Maputo. We went in big rubber boats to  Portugese island. This is a tiny 2,5 km square island. From there we went with local boats to the nearby Inhaca island.

On Inhaca we enjoyed a show of local youngsters carrying out different dances in the café where we enjoyed a drink. They were dressed in there tribal clothes and was really very good. (We could also eat crayfish and prawns there- but were so well fed on the boat that we did not want to eat anything.)

I bought these two batiks from a saleman on Inhaca. I liked the batiks colours and the circular objects in the images.

The food on the boat was super and with 700 staff members for 2100 passengers the service was excellent!

I am preparing for a workshop in Phillipstown. These woman are ready for a challenge and want me to do Lover's knot, Carpenter's wheel and a Mariners Compass. For me this also present a challenge; to plan the workshop in such a way that they are not overwhelmed and can achieve this. (I think the Carpenters Wheel should wait till another time and be made as a wall hanging.)

I have realised something that might be quite obvious to many quilters. A new project energize me. Therefore I am always eager to start something new- but not so good with finishing it. Once I have worked out all the details of the new project and it is just down to sewing everything slow down.

So I have decided to do just little bits of the new stuff and hopefully will complete some of the many old things in between. This new project is very interesting in many ways- but I will discuss that next time!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Every quilter feels excitement at the start of a new project! Finishing is the problem, LOL, so you are in good company. Love the new blocks you are planning. Looks like each one could become a quilt all by itself!


  2. I enjoyed checking out your blog; you have shown some beautiful work.
    I think you should be able to view the Liebster Award blogs I wrote about if you will go back to my blog, and scan down the left side to "Blogs I Follow". You will find all three, and lots of others, listed there. Click on the blog you want read, and it should take you to it.
    Happy quilting! ---"Love"


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