Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What am I doing

I must confess- I do get so sidetracked by everything I see that I completely loose my direction. I am a good starter and a poor "finisher-upper" as Helen Kelly said. So I decided to tackle the duvet cover and finish it before I tackle another thing.

The advantage when one embroider, is that you can work on two things simultaneously. So while the machine embroider, I tackle the bags that I started. But let me first talk about the duvet cover. The square will be in the middle and I have added and appliqued with a digitized design the 3 circles. The idea is that there will be 8 circles around the middle square and a separate design in the 4 corners. I think I should move the 4 circles that will be on the diagonal, towards the middle so that they are not arranged in a ring. I am quite please with the applique and the shiny stretchy satin look nice on the background cotton sateen.

I was cleaning my cupboard and came across short 2 inch strips. I decided to make colourful bags for our National Quilt Festival- where I will be in charge of the classrooms and will look after teacher comfort. I have completed the patchwork for this bags. Now for the completion of the 34 bags.

If I sew a binding on the top edges I need to work the other side by hand. I don't mind the handwork- but it will take quite a time. Then I thought to overlock it. This do not look so neat but I think after I press it and add a nice button it might work.

I still have a zillion strips left. Inspired by Wanda's colour wash kaleidoscope I sewed these strips together. I could cut 2 wedges from a set. This take forever! I do need to finish a In the hoop project that will need my constant attention- so when I am finish with the duvet these things will have to wait again.

O yes and then I was lured to make this quilt. I saw this on two blogs and made my own version. I used a lot of flower prints in purple. (I took the process pledge today so I had to confess about all my transgressions!)

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  1. Your projects are coming along beautifully! I work on several projects at the same time. It combats what I call "quilt fatigue". Sometimes you get lost in construction and can no longer see the vibrancy of the fabrics. Still love, love, love those duvet cover medallions!



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