Monday, February 14, 2011

In Need of Paint

My house urgently need to be painted!

We have the paint already.

What colour to paint? This is a most difficult question specially if you do not have a wide choice. My husband wanted to paint it white. It took  3 months and a lot of arguments. We decided on a light grey called Cirus. I have studied the blog of Colour me Happy and hopefully I have the correct undertone! There was just one light grey to choose from!

Initially we decided on Heritage Green for the roof. I thought a darker roof would show the light coloured house off, better. We had a heatwave for nearly a month now and the house is getting terribly hot. Then my friend showed me a house with light grey walls and a white roof. This white paint reflect the sunlight and make a house significantly cooler. It took another week to try and convince my husband to change the delivered paint. Luckily Dennis, our paint consultant arrange for the exchange. (My husband was furious- then I realised he was never going to change the colour- so this was a good favour Dennis did . He was ranting and raving about the handling fee- which might be a few R100 but the paint cost nearly R5 000. So he would rather spent that amount of money on the wrong paint than to pay whatever handling fee is involved. My children say- my husband is unique. It is not possible to understand or explain his thoughts. Perhaps he is what one should call eccentric.)

This is the door to my sewing room/studio. I will show you once it is painted and with the "name" quilt on. (Do not know why the photo turned side ways and after three attemps of resizing and saving and uploading- please tilt your head to the right.)

I am eagerly waiting for the painters. My husband do not readily spent money on the farm on things that cannot be used in the farming enterprise. There is always things that is more urgent and need to get done on the farm. Maintenance is very low on his priority list. He has not learned that a "Stitch in time saves nine" The funny thing is that when we get on a farm where everything is as dilipidated as on our farm he often think the farmer is a "sukkelaar" (not really successful) I have used that argument but it seems that he is not able to see what is in front of his eyes.

This is one of the reasons that I like to quilt. I can go into my sewing room and forget about everything else. (The arguments the frustrations and the immediate surroundings.) Here I can create.

I started on the Carpenters' Wheel. I am convinced that blocks with more than 36 pieces should be made on a bigger scale. A lot of their beauty is lost when making them to small. As soon as I have figured out how to create a tutorial page, I would like to try and post a tutorial on this block. For now here is the center part of the block with the other pieces placed around it on the design wall.


  1. Paint, maintenance and husbands just do not mix! I think it is a male thing, LOL. Love the Carpenters Wheel. Your color choices are lovely.


  2. I think you are wise to go with light grey. In a hot climate, there is often too much light, and pure white can be blinding. Grey is much easier on the eyes. He will be happy with the result ! By the way your house is beautiful... what a gorgeous railing.

  3. I'm looking forward to your tutorial! And it will be great to see a photo of your new grey house.


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