Friday, August 5, 2011

Embroidery Week

I have decided to have an embroidery week. I gave myself freedom to decide what I want to embroider. I got my two embroidery machines ready on Monday. I search through my designs for all those beauties that I look at regularly but did not have time to embroider. In the process I also saw many that I did not notice before.

It is difficult to decide on what I will embroider. I try to think what I would like to do with the design- and I try to think small- if it will become a big quilt, I will have less time to embroider. So this flower with the ribbon is part of a whole set. I like the No Nonsense way it was designed and thought it would look nice in a shoulder bag. I regularly buy R5 bags of scraps from a curtaining place. So I had a thick weave fabric that I used for this.

I have started to digitize Aie Rossmann's Affairs of the Heart. This is 15 cm (6 inch) blocks. Some of the fabric pieces that she used is so small that I rather embroider them. In the bigger hearts I used Batik fabrics for a lovely effect. Although the designs is already available as digitized patterns, I prefer to digitize it myself. Not only is it a good project to improve my digitizing skill, but I prefer to use other stitches to cover the edge than satin stitch only. So this week I have stitched two more blocks in my two colour ways.

Isn't this Bear just adorable. I first sew it on a soft leatherly fabric which is then appliqued on the baby blanket. There is some more bears in the set that I will stitch next week. Yes I am enjoying myself so much- that every week will be an embroidery week- till I have a new deadline. (Oh my gosh I do have one- 10 September. OK I will only embroider one more week.

This heart block is part of a set for a Quilt. It is designed by Ellen Jay Designs and is available from Oregon Patchworks. I think I will make this quilt- I have the plan ready- I just need the right fabric!

It seems that I had a week of Hearts? I cannot help it, I love hearts, flowers and circular designs. I have lots of heart blocks. I plan to sew them all and combine it with a nine patch.

On Wednesday we had a meeting of Swartland Guild. One of our members demonstrated fused applique and had a pattern ready for us. I started to do the blanket stitches with the machine. For the bigger pieces I will use the double blanket stitch and for the smaller pieces the single blanket stitch- or perhaps I should also try some of the other patterns? (This is not digitized)


  1. Lyk of jy jouself baie geniet het. Soveel lieflike patrone, en die kleur keuse is net fantasties.
    Dis soms net lekker, en baie onspannend, om net te sit en "speel" met lappies en gare.

  2. Wow, I love every piece! Keep up the good work and you will have a slew of lovely quilts! Totally awesome!


  3. I like every piece of quilt. I will talk with my daughter and we'll try to make some of them (the easier ones).


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