Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hexagons in SALT

Last weekend we were so fortunate to visit Sutherland and the new telescope SALT. We went with Wellington's ATKV on an organized bus tour. Willie Koorts, an engineer working at Cape Town's Observatory and involved in projects at the Astronomy centre in Sutherland was our guide.
On our way we visited the historical little town, Matjiesfontein. The hotel is very busy in the "bridal season" - from September to March. Now it was very quiet and peaceful there.

At Sutherland everyone had a chance to experience the donkey car. Our driver was the minister from Wellington. The donkeys was just as stubborn as I presume his "flock" at home sometimes is.

An old building method

The Saturday evening we could look through the very strong telescopes of the SAAO. What a wonderful experience to see Saturn with it's ring around it. Although it is with a telescope it feel far more "real" than seeing a picture.
On Sunday we visited the new big Telescope that was built with Partners in 5 other countries. The photo's I took inside unfortunately did not came out well. You will have to take my word for it that the mirrors that is part of the telescope, is hexagons- 91 of them. Some is a darker colour and the arrangement look very much like a Grandmothers Flower Garden. (Wonder if the designer of the telescope is a quilter? )

What I can show you is the lovely tapestry that covered the pillows on the chairs in the old church in Matjiesfontein


  1. Klink na 'n heerlike uitstappie wat julle gehad het. Ek self was nog nie by SALT nie, en wil baie graag gaan. Ek is versot op die sterre-hemel en wil graag van die planete sien.

  2. Gits, ek lees net die opskrif en dog jy't 'n nuwe tegniek uitgevind. Amper was jy nou Vrystaat toe genooi om vir ons te kom leer hoe om heksagons met/in sout te maak!!! Die koppie is weer leeg vandag.


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