Monday, July 18, 2011

Where to start

I firmly believe that I should never become so busy with the organization of quilting that I have no time for doing real quilting. Unfortunately the last month before Festival was a difficult time to do real work. I have been quilting a machine embroidered quilt (My Integrated Sampler) but have not done any piecing. My work room was halfway buried under fabric- I pulled out fabric for several different projects.

So before I could start working, I first have to dig my ironing board and cutting table out from under these fabrics. I decided to get organized with my Civil War blocks and tackled them. Except for block no 3 which is applique I can proudly announced that I completed the other 28 blocks. I had 6 done previously, but last week finished the other 22.

Today I have tackled my quilt in the frame. This will be my third quilt in the frame and after a 2 month absence, I had to relearn a few things. But after 15 minutes I felt confident again. I am now halfway with the quilt and hope to complete it by the end of the week.

Our chair lady is nagging us for our reports on Festival so I guess I need to give this priority. I have washed the fabrics I bought at Festival. I do not always wash the lighter fabrics, but I deliberately bought some darker fabrics and there was also darker batiks that I could not resist. I had a lot of colour bleeding from these fabrics. This just reminded me that it is safer to wash my fabrics than to have it ruin my projects. I love to wash my quilts, so pre-shrinking is also important. (I read from a clever blogger-sorry cannot remember who- that starching and pressing fabrics before using it in a project take care of shrinking. That was wonderful advise, because one cannot really wash precuts?)


  1. Fantastiese werk om daardie blokke klaar te maak, asook die kwiltwerk. Soms is 'n mens net so besig, dat jy by niks anders uitkom nie - veral nie kwiltwerk nie.

  2. Wow, love your civil war blocks!



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