Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Stash, My treasure

I have been collecting fabric for more than 30 years now and it is my most valuable asset. Other people spent money on jewellery, make-up or beauty treatments. I spent it on fabric and on books and I know of many quilters who do this too. This is the wonderful thing to be among your mates- you are not so weird any more!

I live on a farm therefore a stash is essential and indispensable. I make multi fabric quilts and often design as I go. It is not possible for me to purchase fabric for a quilt or a project because I sometimes do not even know what I will do or need tomorrow.

I made sure that I have a wide variety fabrics in all the colors. Apart from these shelves (photo) I also have 2 shelves with big prints, a shelf with Batiks and one with hand dye fabric. I have 7 crates of solid colour fabric and 2 with South African fabrics. I have several crates with upholstery and curtain samples. I have a crate full of fabrics suitable for watercolour quilts, one with yardage for kaleidoscope effect quilts and 2 crates with Taupe fabric.

One only has enough fabric if you are willing to give some small pieces away if a friend need it. That does not mean that you now need to stop buying more fabric- only that you can now cut into your stash with more spontaneity. The fabric trends and colours change with every season and one cannot afford to be without these pieces. Remember, one buy for the future- not only for today and tomorrow.

I do not bust my stash. I treasure it and enjoy it and marvel in it. I touch it, stroke it and handle it whenever I feel like it. I draw inspiration from it. It is good for my health and well being.


  1. I am with you on the stash subject. I know that you have to build a stash over the years to have a really good selection when you are inspired at 11 p.m and no stores are open. There used to be years when there was no purple, or no yellow, and without a stash you were lost.
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  2. Very well said!
    At home we always say that it is cheaper than doing drugs. I also have quite a large stash, I can always find what I need in it. If all quiltshops went out of business for about ten years, I would probably still have enough fabric left to piece many quilts after those ten years. But, I am busting it a little, I ran out of storage space!
    (thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on it in south african, which I can read and understand, but not speak or write at all).


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