Sunday, January 9, 2011

Applique in the Hoop

I have always loved appliqué but did not like it as a hand work. There were just to many pièces and I did not feel it is transportable. Machine appliqué is a skill one need to acquire like machine quilting and I never had.

Digitised appliqué was all I wanted from machine appliqué and I have the opportunity to have all kind of fancy stitches on the edge and not just a satin stitch.

This design was bought from  Ace Points Quilting  design at Secrets of embroidery   and was digitized without appliqué. I wanted a contrasting colour and just add the appliqué.

The machine is digitized to sew a placement line. The appliqué fabric is then attached with a straight stitch and trimmed close to the stitching line. An open thin sig-sag stitch are then sewn to make sure the fabric is well anchored and to provide an underlay for the satin stiches to follow.

Joanne Winn introduced me to have a fancy edge by first sew a decorative stitch on the edge before adding a satin or stem stitch.

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