Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can you remember......

In a workshop a good teacher might give a piece of advice that is not directly applicable to what she is teaching. In one of our machine embroidery classes Hanlie mentioned that every time you change hoop sizes you should calibrate your hoop and showed us how it is done with the 830 Bernina.

Some lessons you do not learn before you do not run into the situation. I embroidered a few projects where the embroidery did not go right to the edge. I got a message about the calibration but thought something was wrong with my machine. Eventually I checked the manual- and then it dawned on me- I need to calibrate the hoop! REMEMBER- DO NOT FORGET THOSE IN BETWEEN LESSONS

Luckily in my Christmas runner it is not so obvious! (The star point on the left side did not embroider all three loops at the point)

This runner was not completed in time for Christmas- so I complete the embroidery as soon after as possible and now only need to finish the edges and add the lace pieces- so I am ready for next Christmas!

Sometimes one learn best from experience. I will never forget now to calibrate my hoop when I change to a different size.

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