Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Power of Ten

I first read about the Power of Ten and the way to implement it in a Newsletter of Texas Quiltworks. It is also described on this blog. I do it a bit differently though.
Floral Kaleidoscope- DIC
I like to concentrate on a project for as long as possible or till my attention slip- or fear for in case I will not manage to pull it off, get the better of me.

For me a list of ten Delayed In Construction projects to work on simultaneously is to much. I do like to list all the projects I want to work on and it might be more than 10. Then I choose 3-4 where one might be a hand project, the other a quilting project and then a project that is still in the piecing stage. I might also add an embroidery project.

If one formalize the projects by listing them it serves as a reminder. One can also plan better and when you have a specific goal you are working towards you work more intentionally and do not while away time playing on the computer, checking email and blogs or just wasting time.

In the next couple of weeks I will discuss the projects that I have not featured up to now on my blog, one by one to show the progress I have made. I will also list it on my Quilts 2012 list and move it to the complete section as I manage to finish it.

What do you do to keep you motivated to work on old projects?


  1. Wow Marie, jou floral kaleidoskoop is verskriklik MOOI!! Baie goeie idee om bietjie daaraan te werk. Ek maak ook maar soos jy: iets om te stik, iets met die hand en iets om te kwilt!

  2. Sound like you get super organized!! Way to go!! Love to see all the projects you are working on.

  3. Okay maybe I should read this article SEVERAL times. I really need to find a system. Thanks for sharing


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