Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pencil Rolls completed

I had a new plan for my pencil rolls. This time I cut the strips for the part that will keep the pencil at 1 and 1/2 inch (Actually 4 cm- I work in decimals- 25 units to an inch). For the bottom part I sewed the same 2,5 cm (1inch) strips but this time I worked on the Industrial Bernina and moved the needle all the way to the right(gives a 5 mm seam allowance- giving me 2 mm more on each of this.

Then I got the great idea to embroider the outside of the roll (which was a real waste of time- because one never see it) but I also embroidered the flap and that look nice. If I knew or realized that one will only see the embroidery on the flap, I would have taken more time to select the best looking designs for this. I used a coarsely woven thick fabric for the outside and unfortunately many of the embroidery stitches sink into the fabric and was not that visible. This is when one either select  another fabric or sew on a water soluble (the plastic like) stabilizer. I did neither so the embroidery only look so-so.

My plan was to sew the pieced part and the outside fabric together- right sides facing and then turn the right sides out giving a self faced result. Hereby I would eliminate sewing bindings on. Unfortunately the thick backing fabric was again my downfall. Also if you want to do that- you should not end your strip with a place for a pencil- the pencil pop out and do not look neat. You should add a strip of fabric first.

Well I thought with the thick fabric the best would just be to use bindings. So that was what I did. I gave quite a bit of thought on how to close this and decided on two pieces of elastic- one on the top and one at the bottom.

So I completed my 5 pencil cases and got and extra one plus the faulty one- I must still decide if I will unpick it and complete it with bindings, use it like it is and hate it, or throw it away.


  1. Dit lyk baie oulik! Harde werk met uitstekende resultate.

  2. I just found you today, your pencil rolls are beautiful, such beautiful colors,


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