Saturday, November 26, 2011

An 8 day Course

Since Monday I have been teaching 5 ladies of the Clover Mama Africa project. They are all experience sewers and have done several courses. Today the first 2 quilt tops (2 m X 2 m- about 6 ft square) was completed.

In this week they have practiced several techniques making basic units. We started with checkerboards. Then a strip pieced checkerboard border was made.

They also start hand piecing the basket blocks.

Piecing multiple Half Square Triangles and trimming them to siz, gave hassle free results for an outer border. In making 6 Ribbons star variations, the basic units of Square in a Square and Flying Geese was made to complete these blocks. The next day they made Ohio Star variation blocks, with Quarter Square triangles as main technique.

Antionette and Hettie came from Durbanville to show the interesting technique to apply circles- these blocks were used in the  corners of the quilt.

The center block was tackled last. All of them made a perfect 8 point star- applying the mantra of "keeping the  part that will be in the center"on your left hand when you press the two diamond units and also the 4 diamond units. They then made a "cross". The four corner units with their set in seams were constructed. These units were then set- in with the "cross" unit

Yesterday they start sewing on the borders and blocks. Today the basket blocks was completed and the handles appliqued by machine.

 At the end of the day we have basted one top in the basting frame. A second top was completed and we hang it on the wall to admire. Tomorrow the other three will be completed and basted.

Tomorrow they will also start with ditch quilting to anchor the seams, prevent shifting of the layers and stabilize the quilt. Once this is done we can quilt the borders and bind the quilt. They will practice some free motion quilting to be able to fill in some details in their quilts when they go home.

For a teacher it is a relieve when students have successfully completed their assignments and I am very proud of the high standard of their workmanship! Congratulations to all of you!


  1. Wat een prachtige kleuren, gr. mia

  2. Wel gedaan op die suksesvolle aanbieding. Lieflike patroon om vanaf te werk!

  3. Knap gedaan, hulle werk is pragtig!!


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