Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I could have saved myself a lot of trouble

I have been working all day- to achieve nothing! I wanted to make a coloured pencil roll to keep 12 coloured pencil and 12 coloured Koki pens. I saw a wonderful tutorial about a year ago where  the blogger used coloured strips. I thought this a wonderful idea to correctly place the pencil back and to easily see what colour is missing.

I remembered that the strips was either an inch with seam allowances included or excluded. I thought I saw this tutorial on Wanda's site and went through all her blogs of the last two years (That was very interesting) but I could not find it. I made a small test- if I made a more accurate test I would have know to added the seam allowance to the inch. But unfortunately!!! I need 5 of this rolls for 5 ladies that will take a 8 day long class with me. I had to iron the 24 fabrics and then stacked them so that I could cut 8 layers at a time. Rather than to cut only one strip and test my plan- I cut 4 strips.
Isn't the colours wonderful?
Luckily I only sewed one set of 24 strips. To sew such small strips together was quite a challenge- there is little to hold onto. I cut this piece out and proceed to make a roll. I can get the pencil in if  I put the sharp side in first- but it is very stiff and the Coki- pen refused to go in.

Well I now did what I should have done-google pencil roll! not only did I found the correct answer, but in this blog I found a solution to my problem. Thanks Cassie!

I once again have respect for people who can make many of these things. I hate the imperfections one get when the final trimming is not neat. To get good results one must take your time and work carefully. I can do it once- but will now make sure I do it 5 times. I am so glad I found a solution and do not have to dump all the strips.

At least I have quilted my blue piece- so the day was not completely wasted.

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  1. What beautiful colour combinations and the blue and white quilt is gorgeous. Thanks for commenting on my blog too.


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