Monday, October 17, 2011

What will you do with it?

On Saturday I attended a workshop with Margaret le Roux. It was at a wonderful venue where we were surrounded by mountains. In our kit was 6 bags . In every bag was a black felt square. Some beads and embroidery threads in some bags, charms and ribbons, a silk flower and organza butterfly in another.

 We completed a square every hour to produce this lovely creations.

I enjoyed the day tremendously and show off my creations to everyone who want to look. The question they all ask was : "What will you do with it?" Margaret showed us how she display her "twinchies" in a type of "printers" tray/frame. She used them in a chatelaine and in special cards. So luckily I could tell them what one could do with it.

What will I do with it? I will look at it and enjoy it. I will be inspired by it. I will learn about the possibilities that are available in a few beads, charms, a piece of wool. I will dream about how I can apply what I have learned in my Quilts. I will look for opportunities to add some beads and other treasures to my quilts. I will investigate the possibilities to add to my quilts  more layers of interesting stuff. I will be able to mesmerize and intrigue the viewers of my quilts. I will be able to add complexity to my quilts.

I am charmed with my charms.


  1. Ze zijn prachtig geworden. De dingen die je maakt hoeven niet altijd een functie te hebben. Er naar kijken en er van leren en er inspiratie van opdoen is genoeg.

  2. Oh, my goodness - this is gorgeous!! I had to laugh because my daughter used to ask me, when I made a piece of art, "what are you going to do with it?" I rolled my eyes -- what a question!

  3. Hello Marie',
    These embroidered tiles are beautiful. I admire you for working on your Diary Farm. As a young child I had to get the cows in and prepare for milking so I could have a churn of milk! I love the nature of cows to this day. Thank you also for visiting quilters Cottage.
    Best wishes,
    Jane C

  4. These are absolutely stunning! I love all of them. I would put them where I could see them and enjoy them everyday!

  5. So very inspiring! Thank you for sharing.


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