Monday, October 3, 2011

This is a challenge

Can I blog everyday and still have something meaningful to say? The blogtoberfestival hosted by Tinnie girl   for the month of October put this challenge to all bloggers. Well the saying is: If you have done something for 30 days it become a habit. I do not think I plan to make it a habit- it take to long for me to formulate a meaningful blog post in English, my second language. My reason for blogging is not to keep a day to day diary of what I have done for the day. My aim is basically to record my quilts- those that I make and those that is in the process of being made.

I also like to express some of my ideas on my blog. In blogland for me, everyone is equal- if we show or "teach" something it does not mean that we think we are the only authority on the subject? For me it is about sharing how I do things. If some one can learn something from it or just be inspired to try another method- that is what it is about. I have learned and have been inspired by many blogs the last two years.

My intention was to take a photograph of the view from my front porch every week. I wanted to document the changing of the seasons. Unfortunately when I thought of taking the photograph it was windy or raining outside. Now the wheat are turning colour already. We are praying for another bit of rain. Some rain now will make a huge difference to harvest. The price of wheat is very low and just cover production cost. A higher yield will make all the difference to our farming operation. Many workers are dependant on us so it is very important to have the best harvest possible.

This was while reorganizing
I plan to blog about my studio this month- yes I have said studio. I have accept the fact that I am an Artist. It does not make me "better" or an authority- it just explain why I take my quilting so seriously. (A writer may write, even though he does not get published and as quilt artist I may make quilts even though I do not try to sell them.)

I will also give a hand piecing tutorial and hand piecers who want to work along with me can also read this blog and this blog.

The fact that I did not blog about my hand applique project- the My Tweet blocks from Erin Russek, does not mean that I quit the project. I was studying all my applique books and ordered some more. I am now an expert on all the different methods.(Not to do them- but to describe them.) I will blog about this and would like some views on your preferred methods.

I will not neglect showing my progress on my projects. I would also like to add more blocks that I have pieced and embroidered in the hoop. This block is a Castle Keep variation with an embroidery design by Ina Stoltz.
The piecing was digitised by me-I inserted Ina's embroidery to fit the "Patchwork
I am looking forward to a month of blogging. I have also start an early morning walk. Actually my husband and I planned to walk every morning- and hopefully in 30 days this will become a habit. (I have walked everyday about 3 years ago but had to stop due to a problem with my foot. It is solved and I need to get into this daily routine.) Hope you will follow my blog and share your thoughts by commenting as well.


  1. I did an online scrapbooking class called Learn Something New Everyday. There was a lot of introspection and I had to do a scrapbook page a day. I did mine digitally at a very small size: 4x6" (a little bit larger than an index card). I found doing something, the same thing, every day became boring. I hope that does not happen to you.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I haven't even told anyone yet that I started a sewing blog again after deleting the old one. I just like to post so I remember my journey as a "quilt artist." I just finished a top for my son who's been gone for two years on a mission for our church. He'll be home in December and my quilter has promised it back so I can give it to him the day he comes home. I'll post it then. I love how it turned out.

    On a different note, I call my sewing room a "sanctuary" bz it's my peaceful place where I know where everything is and I'm the only one who goes in there. It truly is a sanctuary for my creative soul. Good for you for naming your's what inspires you. I've posted pictures of my sanctuary on my blog too previously.

    You do lovely work. I'll definitely be back to look at older posts, but the ones I saw are stunning! Yes, the word "artist" fits you.


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