Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Confession

I am a devoted blog reader and a lazy blogger. When I read this post- I decided it is time to write again. Thank you dear reader of my blog- without your comments and page views I would have quit long ago. When I began blogging I thought I will do it just for myself to keep a visual record of how I spent my days- and of how my quilts grow- from idea to being quilted.

Well I am sure if you are blogging you know how important feedback is- here I want to thank Liri (have you seen a more beautiful header than Liri's in blogland?)-  your comments are always building my confidence as a blogger- and why have we not see a blog post from you for so long?

I will do the hand piecing tutorial, although nobody have indicated that they are going to join me, in a future post. I have spent a few days with my children at a hot water spring, Goudini- near Rawsonville in the Cape. This gave me lots of time for hand piecing and I completed another 12 blocks.

My embroidery weeks came to an end now with all the heart embroideries completed for this quilt. It is on my design wall- but will have to wait patiently while I work and complete my quilt for the Tri- Nation exhibition. I am scared of the quilt and have found an excuse to put it off till TOMORROW, but tomorrow I am going to work on it.
(To fix a sideways photo-read here)

I also worked on a Blackwork "strip". After I stitched out one block I was so pleased with the results that I want to make a five block string. However I could only fit 2 blocks in a hooping- so it took 3 hoopings. Every time one need to make sure that the blocks are correctly spaced and placed. Hanlie Snyman- our Bernina teacher (The best of the BEST) find this challenge thrilling- that is what make it interesting to her. For me- it is an adrenalin pumping exercise and I do not like adrenaline and what it do to me!

I used Perfection cotton thread that Pam Holland gave to me for the Blackwork and just love the results.

On this redwork piece I used a multicolor pink to red. I liked the background but when it sewed the satin stitches it did not look so good any more. I can try to isolate the satin stitched parts and give it a second colour. Then the background will be this lovely: "Now you see it, Now you don't." Or perhaps I should just make it in red?


  1. Well, thank you very much for the compliment on my blog header. So glad you like it. Far as a post, I have been in "finishing" mode for sometime now and I have to start taking pictures. There will probably be several posts by the time I am done, LOL. Love all your embroideries and your Irish chain quilt is going to be a real stunner! The Blackwork is incredible and I just love your red/white square. I wouldn't change a thing. I know your embroidery is done by machine, but is there any way you can just print out the patterns? I would just love the blackwork patterns to hand stitch! I can't tell you how many times your posts give me new ideas! Keep up the good work!


  2. Jou werk is besonders! Die Irish chain quilt is pragtig, en die blackwork en redwork is fenomenaal. Ek hou veral van die redwork, met die veelkleurige rooi/pink skema.
    Ondersteuning is baie nodig. Ek geniet dit om terugvoer te kry, want selfs in die terugvoer kry 'n mens soms inspirasie en idees. Ek het geleer dat blogging is meer as net 'n joernaal, dis 'n gemeenskap van quilters (in ons geval) wat hulle stories, idees en teleurstellinge deel. En, alhoewel ons almal soms ver is van mekaar, bring dit ons almal nader en maak dit die wêreld 'n kleiner plek.

  3. Hi Liri
    The blackwork designs is copyrighted by Janet Sansom designs- I bought this from Oregon Patchworks

  4. What machine do you use for your embroidery and what version of the software. I've been having some issues lately and am looking into something new.

  5. Just found you blog and love your embriordery.

    Looking forward to seeing more.



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