Thursday, March 18, 2010

Templates and Vellum

I could never really understand when other embroiderers say your templates is so important. This is what is so wonderful about taking classes. In my class I have learned that if you print the template on Vellum- you can see through it to get your placement right. The role of the middellines- and how to get it printed (Arrange and then change start and end to centre)was also explained. A valuable lesson.

We were also shown how to correctly hoop the fabric. I like Joanne Winn's method where one do not hoop your fabric, only the stabilizer. In some instances it is important to hoop your fabric as well, though.

Because I am a quilter I do not like using "paper" like the stitch and tear in my quilts. In South Africa water soluble stabilizer is just to expensive to use it all the time. I have discovered that needle felted cotton batting is a wonderful stabilizer (I use it in free motion machine embroidery and then do not use a hoop).

Well let me go and embroider something!

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