Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New things to play with

I went for our year project embroidery class yesterday at my Bernina shop. I have ordered the new cutwork tool and Bernina V6 update- and I could collect it yesterday.

I have already installed version 6 and it looks quite different. I have found the "Artistic" view- now a button and not a "page" after some searching. To really experience the advantages of this- I will need to go for classes. We are lucky to have Hanlie Snyman in the Western Cape- she is so knowledgeable and make it her bussiness to be a long step ahead of us!

I want to do some Hardanger embroidery and thought the cutwork tool will help giving one better results. I am a bit scared though- I will install it- but wait for a demonstration before trying anything out!

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