Thursday, December 16, 2010


A blog without photo's is unthinkable for me- specially if I am blogging about my creative activities! I am not so good with my camera and often has a mind block about taking the photo's. So although I was silent, it was not because I did not embroider!

I digitized a piece-in-the-hoop block, combining it with applique to complete the block. The advantage is, when one combine a block like this with embroidery the embroidery stitch out in the correct places. I also digitized the quilting pattern and after the embroidery was complete, I added a backing fabric and then the quilting was carried out as pre-programmed.

A photo was taken from one of the wall tiles outside a church in Yaroslav (Russia)- this city is a 1000 years old this year. The embroidery in the centre is combined with applique to create a look alike for the beautiful ceramic/porcelain? tile.

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